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What is HomeMeta?

A Web3 marketing platform, helping marketers reach ROI faster, through the auctioning of campaign NFT's and data ownership.

Advertise Together, For the Better 

Create from Benchmark Data!

Build audiences and campaigns from scratch or experiment and retarget Campaign NFT audiences from parallel and adjacent verticals.

No Form Fills Needed!

Deploy your campaigns with precision and attribute each Qr-Code scan, page visit, phone call and text to the recipient without asking for personal information.

Reuse or Monetize!

Let the campaign run its course, and then sell it to other marketers as a Campaign NFT!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels!

Turn Your Marketing Campaigns into Reusable Assets

Retarget the interactions from all campaigns including your purchased NFT's!

Quickly iterate, reduce the guessing and save money by combining engaged retargeting with deliverables that use dynamic PURLs, dynamic QR codes and unique profile data.  

HomeMeta empowers marketers to be strategic and tactical, to find campaign alignment with; audience segmentation, north star metrics and out of the box creative to power the next big campaign.

Where can HomeMeta
be used?


Marketers can off-set costs and generate revenue by selling their campaign NFTs.

Real Estate

NFTs could enable service providers involved at various stages of the transaction to leverage data from each other’s campaigns.


Airlines marketing to travelers could sell their campaign NFT to travel agents that want to sell destination packages to passengers

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a form of digital asset with a unique identity that is stored on a blockchain. This enables validation of its authenticity and ownership. NFTs are mostly being used for digital art. They can be used for much more.

The minted NFT includes

Campaign Assets
Emails, letters, and postcards
De-identified Data
Hashed PI
High Engagement Rates
Track calls, page visits, SMS, emails, and scans
Capture Profiles
Demographics and profile of respondents

A simple, seamless and straightforward process


Deploy Campaign

Marketers deploy their campaigns through HomeMeta.


Campaign interactions and data is captured.


The marketer is able to convert the campaign deliverables and data into a minted NFT.

Bid & Win

Interested buyers bid on the NFT and the winner purchases the asset.

Receive Funds

Funds are transferred and dispersed.
Set Up Your Wallet
Once you’ve set up your MetaMask wallet, you will be allowed to build a Direct Mail campaign.
Create Your Mailing List
Click Mailing List and set up your target audience. You can upload your own list or you can draw a polygon on a map anywhere in the United States.
Create a Campaign
Upload your work (postcard or letter), or have our professional copywriters and designers create it for you.
Mail and Mint
Once a campaign has been mailed, you will be able to Mint it immediately as an NFT. We recommend minting two weeks after a campaign has reached the mailbox (so you have tangible KPI's to showcase) but ultimately you choose how you want to sell your NFTs!


An innovative platform built on robust infrastructure.

Omni-channel marketing platform

Empowering marketers to augment each campaign with data using PURLs and dynamic QR codes.

innovative, news-worthy use of NFTs

Break-barriers and generate a buzz by incorporating NFTs into your marketing.

Easy to use, user-friendly platform

Simple to use, intuitive, informative and aesthetic. Designed for marketers.

Robust, secure infrastructure

Built on Web 3.0 technology with industry standard security and infrastructure.


Transforming marketing from just a cost to a revenue generator

What could your campaign NFTs be worth?

Calculate the potential starting value of your marketing campaigns when converted into an NFT.

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The Leadership

Bringing years of experience in technology and marketing.

Steven McCloskey
Founder | CEO
Cameron Merage
Executive Chair

A fresh, innovative company at the cutting edge of Web 3.0 technologies.

HomeMeta is using NFTs to transform marketing.
Increasing precision, efficiency and effectiveness.
Improving ROAS and creating revenue-generating opportunities.